The Parish Evangelization Leader (PEL) is an employee of John Paul II Foundation for the New Evangelization (JP2FNE) commissioned to serve full time in a qualifying parish. Although not an Archdiocesan employee, the PEL represents the Roman Catholic Church and is expected to model a Catholic lifestyle and conduct himself/herself according to Archdiocesan Guidelines for ministry. The PEL reports to the JP2FNE Director of PEL Affairs and is supervised by the Pastor of the qualifying parish.


The Parish Evangelization Leader is commissioned to a qualifying parish to facilitate its transformation into a mission-driven parish. As member of the Parish Leadership Team and in collaboration with the Parish (and School) Staff, Pastoral and Finance Councils and Ministry Leaders, the PEL is responsible for directing, with the Pastor, the entire parish community in fostering a culture of evangelization and discipleship. With the Pastor, the PEL accomplishes this by casting a clear vision of intentional discipleship and by integrating the mission of evangelization into all facets of parish life.


The following tasks are considered essential functions of the Parish Evangelization Leader. To perform the job successfully, the PEL must possess the abilities and aptitude to perform each duty proficiently.

  1. Articulate a vision of intentional discipleship within the parish community, which the parish vision and mission also articulate.
  2. Assist the Clergy in the communication of the vision and mission of the parish, which articulates its commitment to evangelization and discipleship.
  3. With the Pastor and the Leadership Team, plan and implement a series of formation experiences for parishioners and visitors to encounter and commit to a personal relationship with Christ, to be formed as intentional disciples of Christ and to be equipped to share Christ with others.
  4. Provide structures and strategies for parish staff, councils, ministries, committees, teams, etc. as it relates to evangelization and discipleship.
  5. Assist the Clergy, Liturgy Director and liturgy committee to make the Sunday experience at the parish welcoming and evangelizing, especially in terms of the homily, music and hospitality.
  6. Assist directors and other leaders of Formation Ministries to focus on forming intentional disciples.
  7. Assist all other ministry leaders in aligning their activities with the parish’s vision and mission.
  8. Provide formation to staff, councils, ministry leaders and parishioners on the parish’s vision and mission through retreats, evenings of reflection, etc. and help them discern spiritual fruit– conversion.
  9. Guide individuals towards appropriate formation opportunities.
  10. Call forth, form and train speakers, facilitators and other team members for parish evangelization and formation experiences.
  11. Form mentors who can disciple others and train small group facilitators for Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (19th Annotation), Lectio Divina and other small Church communities.
  12. Train intentional disciples to proclaim the kerygma and to share their story of conversion (one-on-one or in groups)
  13. Offer opportunities for discernment of their spiritual gifts and vocation, e.g., the Called and Gifted Workshop.
  14. Network with other mission-driven parishes for evangelization initiatives.
  15. Pursue personal, spiritual, and professional growth.