April 30, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has temporarily locked us out of parish churches but the Holy Spirit has not ceased breathing into the mission of the Church. After much planning and preparation, JP2FNE’s Lenten Retreat had to be cancelled but God has resurrected it with a better plan to reach many more people through a virtual Easter Retreat.

Unhindered by closed doors, the Holy Spirit has opened new opportunities for JP2FNE. While remaining faithful to our mission and paying attention to the signs of the times, we are pursuing a new strategy. While continuing to prayerfully discern, we have taken the initial steps towards the formation and employment of Millennial Parish Missionaries supported by a holy, life-giving community. Certification as Parish Evangelization Leaders would be an option for those who qualify.

Underway are conversations with individuals and organizations in connection with the new multi-faceted strategy. Many of these conversations have been with FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and its missionaries as well as with other young adult evangelization leaders.

We are encouraged by the fact that the new strategy has received the blessing of Auxiliary Bishop Alex Aclan and has gained the attention of Our Sunday Visitor Institute. 

We have confidence in God’s gracious providence through the generous response of those whom He calls. We envision a community of zealous and well-formed parish missionaries bearing fruit in the lives of many missionary disciples. By the love and power of the Holy Spirit, missionary disciples will reach out to disaffiliated youth and young adults, lead them to Jesus and welcome them home to mission-driven parishes.

April 27, 2019

Welcome to our new professionally designed website!  Thanks be to God and to our supporters, we have outgrown the original site at this address where John Paul II Foundation for the New Evangelization was born on November 27, 2016.

Much of the JP2FNE team’s time and energy in 2018 and early 2019 have gone into organizing New Evangelization events. Although organizing events is not the mission of JP2FNE, we are passionate about equipping and inspiring L.A. Catholics for the Church’s mission of evangelization.

Through the events, the Lord has also blessed our specific mission. From among event participants, JP2FNE has gained new volunteer team members, intercessors and donors. Furthermore, we have established amazing partnerships with the parishes for which we’ve offered retreats and conferences. Our partner parishes have taken responsibility for the music ministry as well as everything that hospitality entails. One parish even mailed us a check after the event!  The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has been a great blessing in promoting JP2FNE’s New Evangelization events and in financing speaker costs.

As we make the necessary preparations to equip, empower and employ Parish Evangelization Leaders for qualifying parishes, John Paul II Foundation for the New Evangelization has engaged in constant dialogue with the Archdiocesan Office of New Evangelization.  A key subject for dialogue is identifying parishes with the greatest potential to become mission-driven if JP2FNE provides them with Parish Evangelization Leaders.  

Anticipating the search for highly qualified Parish Evangelization Leader candidates, JP2FNE has been networking with organizations including The Coming Home Network.  As we set high standards for accepting candidates, the formation process is accordingly adjusted. The Holy Spirit’s unifying action is evident as the Archdiocese aligns their part in the PEL candidates’ formation with the timing of other parts of the formation process.

2018 has also been a year for legally documenting JP2FNE’s relationship with the Catholic Church.  Originally written in standard legal language, the bylaws of JP2FNE were revised to comply with USCCB requirements.  Along these lines, we took the revision of the bylaws a step further by stating that a board member or an officer of JP2FNE must be “…a practicing Catholic disciple of Christ who adheres to the faith and moral teachings of the Catholic Church.” This is very important to us.   USCCB granted JP2FNE approval for listing in the Official Catholic Directory in January 2019, a requirement for receiving grants from some Catholic Foundations.

We have begun the process of applying for grants from a number of Foundations to fund the formation process and the employment of Parish Evangelization Leaders.  The search for the first Parish Evangelization Leader candidate for the first qualifying parish will begin as soon as we have the needed funds.  Supported by our intercessors and benefactors, the JP2FNE Management Team and Board persevere together as the Holy Spirit leads us step by step.

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